<p>Age Restriction of 18+</p>

<p>ATS game (DLCs optional) &/or ETS2 game (DLCs optional)</p>

<p>Discord profile</p>

<p>World of Trucks profile</p>

<p>Trucksbook Client App installed</p>

<p>Truckers MP's App installed</p>

<p>Good PC to run the game with little to no lag on TMP</p>

<p>Names must match across platforms (World of Trucks, Discord, Trucksbook)</p>


<p>Respect company drivers and other drivers</p>

<p>Reckless driving is not tolerated</p>

<p>2,500 minimum miles required for the month</p>

<p>MAXIMUM speed must not go over 75 MPH, results of speeding will get you a strike</p>

<p>Be mindful of all players (In Discord & TMP's CB-Radio)</p>

<p>Truckers MP gamer tag: 12PK-TRUCKIN'</p>

<p>No miles in either game for 2 months and your out.</p>

<p>Have fun and enjoy the community</p>

<p>We do not back stab each other so please do not be fake. either you are all in or not.</p>