Age Restriction of 18+

ATS game (DLCs optional) &/or ETS2 game (DLCs optional)

Discord profile

World of Trucks profile

Trucksbook Client App installed

Truckers MP's App installed

Good PC to run the game with little to no lag on TMP

Names must match across platforms (World of Trucks, Discord, Trucksbook)


Respect company drivers and other drivers

Reckless driving is not tolerated

1,000 minimum miles required for the month

MAXIMUM speed must not go over 75 MPH, results of speeding will get you a strike

Be mindful of all players (In Discord & TMP's CB-Radio)

Truckers MP gamer tag: 12PK-TRUCKIN'

No miles in either game for 2 months and your out.

Have fun and enjoy the community

We do not back stab each other so please do not be fake. either you are all in or not.